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coachingOur club offers a variety of training and coaching throughout the year, catering for beginners through to more experienced paddlers. We are ideally situated at Tyne green, allowing members calm flat water to build skills and knowledge as well as the opportunity to practice on moving water.

We have a fleet of over 25 modern kayaks ranging from play to creek boats, 10 canoes and 7 SUP, along with 5 sea kayaks, all of these are all available for use during coaching sessions. We regularly run British Canoeing endorsed paddle awards, white water awards and foundation safety and rescue training and have a selection of coaches specialising in slalom training, contact us for more details. Keep an eye out for our free come and try sessions or pop along any Saturday afternoon to have a look.

coachingWe regularly run British Canoe Union (BCU) endorsed one, two and three star awards, they are the foundation qualifications of any canoeist and our coaches will guide you through both the written and practical elements. Four and five start tests and coaching awards can also be arranged.

The BCU One Star is a flat water award that demonstrates an individual has basic boat control and foundation skills. The one star can be taken in any kind of paddlesport craft (e.g. sit-on-top, slalom C2, polo boat, sea kayak, racing canoe etc.)

The BCU Two Star is an improvement award that helps paddlers develop fundamental paddlesport skills while on flat water. The emphasis is on gaining a breadth of experience, creating the desired movement of the boat and developing an understanding into how the paddle, boat and water interact.

Successful performance at BCU Three Star level indicates that a candidate can consider themselves an intermediate paddler rather than a beginner. Recently updated, the new award is discipline specific and available in Sea Kayak, Surf, Open Canoe, White Water Kayak, Flat Water Kayak and some of the competitive disciplines. The three star paddler will be a competent performer in sheltered to moderate water environments and have the ability to paddle unsupervised, with similar standard paddlers on sheltered water.

coachingThe club will also arrange safety or first aid courses to suit the needs of its members. To become a qualified canoeing coach there is a need to gain qualifications in this area, our club is committed to developing more coaching members so please do speak with the relevant members of the committee for further information.

Training trips are run throughout the year offering the opportunity for members to improve their white water, rescue, canoe and surf skills. For those interested in becoming coaches, the club may, on a case by case basis, provide part sponsorship of coaching qualification costs.

Courses currently running are

Monday nights 18:00-20:00 3 star kayak training

Monday & Wednesday nights 18:00-20:00 Slalom training

Saturday afternoons 13:00-15:30 3 star canoe training

Ergo indoor Training

ergoWe run ergo session at least once a week after a slalom session, we do 200, 500 and 1500m timed sessions. These sessions also help with warm up and cool down before and after training.

River Trips

tripAs a club we do our best to run regular trips that suit various abilities

Beginners introductory trips are aimed at paddlers who are still coming to grips with going in a straight line as well as learning to break in and out and ferry glide. These would be Hexham to Corbridge.

Beginners + trips are aimed at paddlers who are getting the concept of ferry glides and able to perform break in and out on gentle flows Haydon bridge to Hexham

Intermediate/Advance tripClub members also regularly organise trips on Intermediate and Advance level rivers. These trips tend not to be lead or coached and people attending are expected to demonstrate a level of competency before attending. These outings are aimed at individuals that are able to look after themselves on Grade 3/4 water. However we do endeavour to run a small number of lead / coached trips each year that members who have experience of Beginners + trips can attend. Detail of these trips are generally added to our Facebook site although our new website has a trip system to enable members to confirm they would like to attend a trip if it is running.

Paddling and Camping Social weekends

More information to be added at a later date

social trip social trip social trip


slalom paddlerThese ranked paddlers aged from 12 too well...... We have had younger come and try slalom.

In the past we have had 2 competitors represent England in the pan Celtic and 1 is due to again represent England this coming Easter weekend again at the pan Celtic.

We now run regular training sessions. An advanced crew and a development crew who are supported and helped by the advanced group.

We may do up to 3/4 sessions per week. On top of weekend events which have just started.

In the past the club has had competitors in freestyle, whitewater racing (which we are aiming to promote again) and polo teams which contributed in tournaments. We currently have competitor competing and ranked in wild water racing today, 2nd in the country in as little as 4 races.

As a club we run several events in different disciplines.......... Come n try sprint race day..... Lightening etc!! Bobby timberley white water race day, assist with prudhoe white water race day along side Tyne valley! And finally a div 4 slalom and for the first time this weekend a div 3/2 event at Wark

Paddlepower logoPaddlepower is an exciting scheme that has been designed to meet the needs of young people. Its colourful and youth centred approach aims to: Encourage more young people to come into and stay in the sport Provide progression and reward achievement in a wide range of topics Show them all aspects of the sport – both competitive and adventurous Provide signposts into Clubs where their skills and development can be nurtured Provide a flexible structure for delivery according to venue/situation The scheme has recently been revised and now comprises 5 Awards to support a young paddler’s introduction and progress in Paddlesport.

The Paddlepower Awards

Paddlepower Start

An entry level award suitable for taster sessions or as part of a series of sessions.

Paddlepower Passport

Four progressive levels based on 24 topics which can be grouped into Safety Awareness, Paddling Skills, Varied Experiences and Supporting Knowledge. The award is equivalent to 1 Star.

Paddlepower Discover

This follows on from Passport with a further 4 levels to take the young paddler to equivalent of 2 star standard.

Paddlepower Explore

Three different levels take the paddler on an extensive journey exploring the great variety of paddlesport, with topics focused on participation in events and journeys in the competitive and non-competitive disciplines.

Paddlepower Excel

Three levels to test the paddler on all elements of paddlesport including being responsible for oneself and others, participation in journeys, coaching sessions, training, events/competitions in a variety of disciplines, background knowledge of the sport; access, rules, environmental, nutrition and goal setting.


At Paddlepower Start there is a certificate which is awarded by the coach. This also has space for an organisation to add their contact details to signpost the paddler to future courses.

For each award after Start there is a colourful 6 page Progress Card for the young paddler to record their progress and to encourage them to move to the next stage. On completion of the award the young person sends the Progress Card to their home nation to receive a certificate.

How is Paddlepower Different from the Star Awards?

Paddlepower has been designed around the needs of young people – fun, colourful and with easily identifiable progression mapped to the Long Term Paddler Development framework. The BCU recommend Paddlepower as most suitable for young people aged 14 or under and the Star Awards for most paddlers aged over 16.

Pool Sessions

wentworth centre picture

The club runs sessions in the swimming pool at the Wentworth Leisure Centre through the darker autumn and winter evenings.

Sessions usually start toward the end of September and run through to April the following year.

The pool is the ideal, clean and safe environment to try out kayaking for the first time, learn how to roll or simply partake in fun and games.

Two sessions take place on Friday evenings. The first runs for 45 minutes from 20:30 and the second from 21:15 until 22:00.

Generally, sessions are what we refer to as “open” where participants are free to practice any skills, but the club also runs structured courses.

These are mainly focused on the junior PaddlePower programme or adult focused star awards. Qualified coaches are always on hand and keen to help for every session.

wentworth centre picturewentworth centre picture


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